IDEA Sec. 616 Monitoring, Technical Assistance, & Enforcement

  • Designing monitoring systems for SEAs/LAs
  • Building statewide data systems for:
    • File reviews
    • Tracking correction of noncompliance
    • Verifying corrections
    • Reviewing additional data (“prong 2”) to assure correct implementation of regulatory requirements
    • Summary reporting
  • Building improvement planning systems
  • Building professional development management systems
  • Building systems that support use of compliance and results data for improvement planning.
  • Working with states on every aspect of their APRs.

IDEA Sec. 618 Program Information

We love (and do) special education data:
  • Collecting
  • Cleaning (ok, we only like it)
  • Analyzing
  • Reporting
We build statewide collections for:
  • B4, B9, and B10 reviews of P, P, Ps
  • Student level collections of APR indicators B7,B8, B13, B14, C3, C4
We provide expert consultation to:
  • Help SEAs oversee an outside vendor or data project
  • Design improved business rules and algorithms to existing data systems

What We Don't Do

Our experiences as special education state department employees and our work with dozens of state departments of education does not qualify us to work with LEAs, intermediate education units, or Part C providers. We understand IDEA.

We understand SEA and Part C lead agency data collection, data processing, and data reporting. But our depth of knowledge exists in this narrow subject area. We are not the most popular conversationalists at dinner parties. (Unless that dinner party is for SEA or Lead Agency staff—then we can hold our own!) Sorry LEAs.

While we truly value the work that happens locally closest to students, our work does not generalize to the local level.

From the Blog

Tiered Compliance Monitoring

Personally, I’m working to remove the phrase “compliance monitoring” from my vocabulary. As a recovering “compliance monitor” I’m grateful SPEDSIS has the opportunity to work with Utah State Office of Education (USOE) to support their new Part B tiered monitoring. Like most, Utah’s tiered monitoring will assign each LEA a tier based on a rubric that calculates each LEA’s compliance, results and other data. LEAs in each tier must respond to a graduated structure of USOE requirements. LEAs with the most needs get the most structured support.


Meet our Team

This is what makes SPEDSIS unique.

Content staff work continually with our programming staff to ensure that products and functionality make sense from the client side and from our perspective as recovering state department of education staff.

Since 1984 Bruce has been involved extensively and exclusively with IDEA data: 12 years conducting OSEP funded TA and research, 8 years Part B and Part C Data Manager for Oregon, and since 2005 a contractor and consultant to states, Regional Resource Centers, and other national TA projects.

Bruce Bull

Special Ed Content & Data Expert
Karen Martens has consulted and worked with 12 states in the areas of IDEA monitoring, improvement planning, data collection, data reporting, and general supervision. As Project Manager she oversees SPEDSIS programmers and works closely with state staff to design and develop custom state data systems.

Karen Martens

Special Ed Content & Data Expert
Dr. Jane Nell Luster consults with SPEDSIS in the areas of monitoring, data collection and use, and general supervision. She has extensive experience providing technical assistance, as well as professional learning and development in these areas to more than 30 states and U.S. territories.

Jane Nell Luster

Special Ed Content & Data Expert
Chad Anderson graduated with honors from Western Oregon University with a degree in Computer Science and a focus in Computational Theory and Mathematics. He specializes in database design and web development with an expertise in designing systems that maximize end user flexibility and control within the application.

Chad Anderson

.NET Programmer
Matthew O’Connor has provided data collection and reporting solutions for state educational agencies since 2003. He is skilled in software architecture, software development, data analysis and presentation using web based platforms. His job is to make good ideas reality.

Matt O'Connor

.NET Programmer
Darren Boss has been developing line-of-business applications (critical internal applications for running an enterprise) since 2000. He developed solutions for numbers of state agencies and private companies. He graduated summa cum laude from Western Oregon University with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

Darren Boss

.NET Programmer
John Hunter has been developing enterprise level data systems for over a decade. These systems have focused on the collection and reporting of special education data at the state, regional, district and building level.

John Hunter

.NET Programmer
Jeff has been developing websites and internet applications since 1999. He is skilled in user interface design, server-side coding, database design, and mobile app development. Jeff consults with SPEDSIS specifically in the areas of user interface and user experience design. In other words, he tries his best to make SPEDSIS products pretty and intuitive.

Jeff Denton

UI/UX Consultant

Robbin Bull

Office Assistant

Janeen Howard

Office Assistant