Our Solution

Could a single cloud-based application for collecting, managing, reporting, and using special education data help your state agency be more efficient? Topical modules feature communication tools and associated technology to address one or many special education data needs and efficiently support general supervision.
We build solutions that give state and local users secure, role-based access to powerful IDEA Parts B and C data and tools that are flexible and tailored to meet their specific needs.

Customized Modular System

SPEDSIS’ experience has been in the complex area of special education data. Our modular solution can be customized for a Part C Lead Agencies and State Departments of Education. The modules collect, connect, process, and report data in a multitude of ways for local and state use.
Tiered Monitoring and Determinations
The tiered monitoring module supports handling unlimited data sources to weigh and run different algorithms for assigning local agency monitoring status.
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Improvement Planning
Establish and support local agency improvement planning with annual or multi-year goals and updates. Support agency planning with root cause questions, areas of data to review, identify areas of strengths, needs, priority, and professional development needed.
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Professional Development
Support PD event creation, registration, attendance, and evaluation. Unlimited PD courses may be created to align and support local improvement planning. PD evaluation (satisfaction, knowledge gain, etc.) reports for the SEA.The PD module is a robust multifaceted stand alone application.
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General Supervision Monitoring
IDEA special education general supervision and monitoring for results (Results Driven Accountability) can be streamlined and efficiently managed for both state and local agencies with our technical solution.
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Early Childhood Outcomes (ECO)
Module supports local collection of entry and exit data (IDEA indicators C3 and B7). Direct entry, data import, and transfer of child/student from one local agency to another (within state) is supported. Local agency reports and state agency reports are generated.
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Parent Survey: Data Collection and Reports
Customizable web surveys to cost-effectively collect parent data for APR indicators C4 and B8. Generates emails, follow-up reminders to non-respondents, and reports. Supports administration of phone surveys and direct entry by interviewers to augment online completions of parent survey.
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Postsecondary Follow-up Survey: Data Collection and Reports
Customizable senior exit and one-year follow-up surveys to cost effectively collect postsecondary (B14) data. Generates emails, follow-up reminders, APR, SEA and district reports. Supports phone surveys to augment web responses.
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Interview Protocol/Reports
Collecting interview data can be valuable but is difficult to quantify and use. SPEDSIS supports collecting interview data in a quantifiable method that auto generates reports designed for informing local and state agency professional development and/or technical assistance.
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Our Projects

Below are a sample of our past projects

Key System Attributes


Pick and choose components for your state’s specific needs.

Cost effective

Save staff time and money in a single proven and robust system to align data and efforts. A well designed general supervision system can significantly reduce staff time, travel costs and report writing time to focus on the priorities.

Rapid deployment

A packaged solution, adaptable to meet state needs – supports quick deployment (a few short months rather than a year or more).


Our experts, special education and technical, will work with you to design, develop and deploy solutions and create tools that work for your data needs that meet your requirements. SPEDSIS allows you to build unlimited custom data collection protocols, administer surveys, and select from report templates to display the collected data.


Collects and connects data (results, compliance, district-identified needs, outcomes data, survey data, etc.) to facilitate improvement activities and professional development activities based on data. Allows lead agency staff to modify content within components to meet changing requirements.

Cloud-Based or Agency-Hosted

SPEDSIS supports both cloud-based solutions that address state requirements (security, performance, backup frequency, multiple technical environments, etc.). We also support working within agency-hosted environments, or within a hybrid design of both cloud and agency-hosted solutions.

Expert SEA Content and Data Staff

Backed by a team of experts with backgrounds in education, early childhood education, special education, data and technical we work with your agency to create the best solution for your needs. We train and support agency staff, while enhancing your solution as needed.


Role-based access for both state agency and local agency users provides secure access to only those parts of the system to which a user needs access.


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