What does General Supervision Monitoring look like today vs 5 years ago? It’s different in every state and is constantly changing. Do you need an application that will give you the ability to change as federal monitoring requirements and state defined processes change? Our application will do that!

The Challenge

Provide an application that is flexible enough to meet the diverse monitoring needs of a state as requirements and processes change from year to year.

The Goal

Give states the ability to adapt and adjust their monitoring process based on ever-changing monitoring requirements.

Our Solution

IDEA special education general supervision and monitoring for results (Results Driven Accountability) can be streamlined and efficiently managed for both state and local agencies with our technical solution.

Our modules manage general supervision work with a full host of monitoring tools at state and local level, such as:

  • Local determinations module
  • General and topic-specific (root cause) investigations
  • Unlimited agency-built protocols
  • Dashboards with current and historical monitoring and compliance status
  • Desk audit tools
  • Site visit tools and views
  • Permission managers
  • Other agency-only tools for local agency response and state agency review.
  • State Agency Level Reports
  • Local Agency Level Reports
  • School Level Reports
  • Student Level Reports (where applicable)
  • Teacher Reports (where applicable)