Monitoring early childhood programs and meeting federal reporting requirements are responsibilities each state must meet. Our Early Childhood Outcomes data collection and reports make it possible to do both! Local providers, LEAs and SEAs can utilize our system to track entry/exit scores for individual children, and generate LEA and SEA level reports.

The Challenge

Collecting ALL entry and exit scores for children ages 3 – 5 in early childhood settings.

The Goal

Provide a flexible system to allow states to customize data collection for entry and exit scores of children ages 3 -5 in early childhood settings.

Our Solution

Module supports the local collection of entry and exit data (IDEA indicators C3 and B7). Direct entry, data import, and transfer of child/student from one local agency to another (within a state) are supported. Local agency reports and state agency reports are generated.

This data collection allows for the direct entry or data import of early childhood outcome (ECO) entry and exit scores at a child level. Assessment and additional information can be collected if desired. The data collected are analyzed and the Annual Performance Report (APR) data report is generated. Reports provide an analysis of the ECO progress categories (a – e) in each outcome area and the Summary Statements required for APR reporting. Each local agency has access to their own report. The state agency has both local agency reports and an aggregate state APR report.

The module also allows local agencies to transfer children/students from one local provider to another. This allows a continuity of information and preserves the information already gathered.