Educators are familiar with the plan–do–check–act cycle for carrying out change. Just as a circle has no end, the PDCA cycle should be repeated again and again for continuous improvement. Our Improvement Plan Module was built with the PDCA cycle in mind, allowing LEAs to plan-do-check-act to experience growth and improvement and SEAs to track and support the LEAs.

The Challenge

Many states require local programs routinely (e.g., annually) submit a local plan to improve/correct special education as part of the state’s general supervision of local programs and/or as part of a local agency’s application for federal funding.

The Goal

Identify areas of needed improvement for an agency and track the progress of each improvement step across school years.

Our Solution

Establish and support local agency improvement planning with annual or multi-year goals and updates. Support agency planning with root cause questions, areas of data to review, identify areas of strengths, needs, priority, and professional development needed. Allows for continuation of multi-year goals across annual improvement plans, state agency approval of local plans, on going local management of plan status and efforts to meet plan goals.

  • Support online creation of local plans
  • Support local review of unlimited data sources and require local agency indicate areas of strength, weakness, priority, and need for professional development
  • Provide root cause analysis questions related to potential areas of targeted improvement
  • Collect local agency needs for state level reports
  • Support multiple year plans for improvement