Have you ever collected interview data and then sifted through pages and pages of responses, wondering how to summarize all of the information you collected? Being able to quantify and organize these data make them useful and informative for SEAs and local agencies. Our data collection tools and reports will ease the task of collecting interview data and provide useful summaries for SEAs and local agencies.

The Challenge

Collecting qualitative interview data in a meaningful, useful manner

The Goal

Providing SEAs and LEAs concise, informative reports that summarize qualitative interview data.

Our Solution

Collecting interview data can be valuable but is difficult to quantify and use. SPEDSIS supports collecting interview data in a quantifiable method that auto generates reports designed for informing local and state agency professional development and/or technical assistance. The content of the interview items is customizable based on state agency needs. Reports aggregate topical results by item and respondent type, providing agencies information to help target professional development areas.