A parent is a child’s greatest advocate. In order to improve special education for children, a state must ask parents ‘How are we doing?’ Our Parent Survey provides states with the ability to ask that question and much more to help inform educators what is working and what isn’t for children with disabilities.

The Challenge

While important to get parents input, it is often difficult to reach out and find parents to respond to a survey.

The Goal

To provide multiple ways in which survey data can be gathered for both SEA and APR analysis and reports.

Our Solution

Customizable web surveys to cost-effectively collect parent data for APR indicators C4 and B8. Generates emails, follow-up reminders to nonrespondents, and reports. Also, supports the administration of phone surveys and direct entry by interviewers to augment online completions of the parent survey. Because of the efficiency of collecting data via online survey costs for survey distribution (snail mail) and agency administration (staff time to call parents) is dramatically reduced. Parent data collected is analyzed and the APR report is generated on an annual basis. Local agencies will have access to their own report and the Lead Agency will have both local agency reports and an aggregate state APR report for each year.