“I wonder what Johnny did after he graduated from high school” is a question that is important for LEAs to know, especially for students with special needs. Collecting and reporting the results for students in special education is part of the APR reporting requirements for each SEA. Aggregate reports also inform LEAs of what their students are doing after high school graduation.

The Challenge

Tracking students after they graduate from high school and contacting them to participate in a one-year-out postsecondary follow-up survey to determine enrollment in higher education competitive employment, or other post-secondary education or training.

The Goal

Data collected focuses on enrollment in higher education, competitive employment, other post-secondary education or training and other employment. The goal is to provide a clear measure of post-school results of youth with disabilities as they transition from high school to adult life.

Our Solution

Customizable senior exit and one-year follow-up surveys to cost effectively collect postsecondary (B14) data. Generates emails, follow-up reminders, APR, SEA and district reports. Supports phone surveys to augment web responses.

This data collection provides a two-phase process to gather post-school outcome data for students exiting high school. Step 1 is a Senior Exit Survey during students’ senior year in high school. Multiple types of contact information are gathered to use in the Step 2, One Year Out Survey. In addition to contact information, each student answers optional Senior Exit Survey questions related to his/her high school experience. The administration of Step 2, the One Year Out Survey, occurs electronically one-year post exit. A unique survey link is emailed to each student, allowing them to complete the survey online.

There is also support the administration of phone surveys and direct entry by interviewers to augment online completions of survey for hard-to-reach students, students that need assistance in completing the questions, or for parents/guardians that might complete the survey for their child. Each LEA with students completing the survey will have access to their own report. The SEA will have an aggregate APR report for the total data collected.